Does this sound like you?

rob-schreckhise-8zdEgWg5JAA-unsplashIt’s hard to make it on your own.

Sometimes you realise that things have got to change. Maybe you had a frank talking to from the doctor, maybe a loved one has made you worry, or maybe you just woke up one morning and said:

“This isn’t who/where/what I want to be…”


Those can all be motivating thoughts.

You are inspired to make changes to your life, health, or diet. And you try really hard to make them. Maybe you take out a gym membership and you’re sure you’ll actually go.

Maybe you sign up to those diet plans or try really hard not to buy junk food for a few weeks.

But then…..

It get’s hard to keep at it

You either get distracted, tired, busy or all of the above.

You don’t see it making any difference where you want it. And there’s so much information out there, maybe you don’t know where to start? Or you try it all, make all the changes at once, and surprise, surprise, it doesn’t stick.

And so, after a couple of weeks things drift back to where you started. Horribly, sometimes they even go backwards!?!

If this has been you, or someone you know, then you’ll be pleased to know you only really need one thing.


Maybe just some encouragement to stay the course you’ve set, because if you don’t stick with it, it definitely won’t work.

Maybe you need someone to help you sort through all that information out there to find what’s right for you. With everything out here on the interwebz it can be hard to see what’s useful and what’s not.

Or maybe you need someone to sit down with you and start at the beginning. Figure out exactly what you want to achieve, help you figure out how to get there, and then help keep you accountable and on track.

Not everybody needs all of those, and some don’t need any, but for the rest of us

 it helps to have some help.

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Hope I can be of help soon,