Train with Independence Movement

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after.

At home and in person options currently available include

Online sessions

Video call sessions

Online sessions using Skype, Messanger, WhatsApp or any other platform you are familiar with.

From $50 / session

Have exercises demonstrated and directed and have your form checked with regular online sessions from the comfort of your own home


Follow along programs

At home programs to follow independantly

$70 for an initial assessment session and then 4 weeks of programming

$50 for subsequent 4 weeks of programming

Tailored to your goals and schedule

Make use of what equipment / areas you have access to

Regualr check-ins to make sure you are on track

In Person training

In person sessions

Limited at-home, in-person training available

Following all Social Distancing and Health guidlines including:

  • Maintainence of appropriate distancing requirements
  • Cleaning of all equipment and surfaces used

Get personal training at home, special rates avaialble

$10 Over 50s classes

Sessions in various locations, following Social Distancing requirements

A limited number of over 50s classes are available from June 2020

All social distancing requirements followed including:

  • No shared equipment
  • All equipment cleaned before and after sessions

Class schedule available here

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